Fibonacci Series

Sculptural Coffee Tables

Displayed at OBJECT GALLERY, Claremont, CA

"To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour." This William Blake quote has inspired JB’s Fibonacci Series, a set of six sculptural coffee tables in which limit gives form to limitless. JB studies the principles of form, searching for precision in a pattern of natural growth, and allows material to be born again.

For the past decade JB has been studying the principles of three-dimensional form and sharing his findings with his students. The primary elements of Line, plane, and volume are the most fundamental tools with which to compose and express oneself in space. The Fibonacci Series sets out to study the relationships between the elements in an experimental manner. Using the given planer surface as a constant, form of linear character compliments form of volumetric character, becoming the structural variables of the tables. Gradation in quantity, positioning, and relative dynamics of line and volume create different levels of hierarchy and varied visual results across the six designs.

In his text The Power of Limits, Gyorgy Doczi proposes the creation of the word Dinergy, the joining of opposites in the creative energy of organic growth. JB is passionate about a design development process that embraces a disciplined and evolutionary attitude. "It is through the limits of discipline that we glimpse and take part in the harmony of the cosmos-both in the physical world and in our way of life" (Doczi). In Burton's Fibonacci Series the six designs display neighboring old and new stages of growth found in the golden section and the Fibonacci’s summation series. As a visual diagram of the patterns of natural growth, the golden section serves as a map for the primary elements of form to navigate space.

The material pallet for the Fibonacci Series has been rescued from the waste stream. The planer element is represented by salvaged glass, while the linear and volumetric elements are represented by Douglas-fir timber reclaimed from architectural construction waste. Finishes are non-toxic and used to enhance the given qualities of the material and articulate the elements of form. JB embraces the heritage found in reclaimed materials, allowing for its character to breathe life into the work while complimenting it with a rigorous design discipline.

Fibonacci’s summation series used as a basis for Elements of Form ratios and angles in composition

(1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55)

Fibonacci’s Golden Rectangle used as a background for compositional decisions. This unique use of the diagram includes 2 Minor portions to one Major portion

Coffee Table, Stage 1

Coffee Table : Stage 6

Fibonacci Series

Sculptural Coffee Tables, stages 1 - 6

Coffee Table, Stage 2

Coffee Table, Stage 3

Coffee Table, Stage 4

Coffee Table, Stage 5

Coffee Table, Stage 6

Fibonacci Series

Sculptural Coffee Tables, Publicity